Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of The Clash

Rockabye Baby

Does your little rocker want to rock the Casbah instead of going to sleep?


Are you at the point where you are asking yourself 'Should i stay or should i go?'


Let Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions of The Clash lull your baby into the land of nod. Rockabye Baby music has transformed The Clash's biggest hits into gentle lullabies that both you and your baby are going to love.


It's not London Calling it sleep calling!


Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I Fought the Law

Rock the Casbah

Train in Vain

Rudie Can't Fail

The Magnificent Seven

This is Radio Clash

London Calling

The Guns of Brixton

Police & Thieves

Lost in the Supermarket

Straight to Hell


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