Little Billies 'Rock Dude' Reward Chart Stage 1

Little Billies

A Little Bit of Cheek is very excited to have these EXCLUSIVE Little Billies Reward Charts.  These 'rockin' reward charts have been designed especially for customers of A Little Bit of Cheek.
My Reward Chart - Stage 1
This chart is specifically designed with toddlers in mind.  Help encourage children in life skills such as going to the toilet and sleeping well and heart attitudes such as sharing & caring and lovely helping.  By having 10 squares to fill with 3 to 4 behaviours to concentrate on at a time this chart will take a couple of days to complete, also teaching your child delayed gratification.
Children thrive on consistency and positive reinforcement.  By praising the good behaviour children will desire to improve.  By using our reward magnet-stickers your child will know exactly what behaviour you a praising them for.
Chart Details
The chart is an A4 size and is magnetic.  It includes 48 reward magnet-stickers, this is made up of 12 different behaviours, with 4 of each.
48 magnets (4 of each type) including:
Dressed myself, good eating, good sleep, good toilet, great activity, happy face, holding on, lovely helping, nice talking, packing up, sharing & caring and very brave.
Because the rewards are magnetic, once the chart is full you can just take them off and start all over again.


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