There has been creation of Mobile apps that allow the users to look up at particular locations and claim some form of digital coupons as they do so this gives the companies an opportunity to measure the ROI on social media and with much simplicity.

There are other experts who believe that the social media marketing is not about crating tangible transactions. They argue that the interaction of the social media strategy with the consumers and the target audience is the most important thing rather than focussing so much on the transactions being created.

The marking strategy on social media needs to create better prospects and more importantly a group of prospective followers who might purchase the products or services. If analyst of the marketing strategy being employed the individuals need to understand that social media is point of contact for various individuals and it should be seen a great opportunity for the company and marketers to engage with the customers.

The team at Clearwater are experts at Social Media Marketing and can advise you of the best course of action to take with your social media campaigns. The other way that the marketers or the company can measure the return on investments is through the word of mouth marketing or the various referrals that are developed using social media. For instances a business has the capabilities of measuring the number of likes that they have received on Facebook because of the interactive segment introduced with the e commerce section on the page or profile. The other method that can be used by the companies to measure the ROI is through the number of customers that walk in to the company after a old customer used a social media tool in the effort of marketing or spreading the word about a particular product or services, this so very true especially when it comes to marketing a new product.