Finding a Return On Social Media Marketing

There has been creation of Mobile apps that allow the users to look up at particular locations and claim some form of digital coupons as they do so this gives the companies an opportunity to measure the ROI on social media and with much simplicity.

There are other experts who believe that the social media marketing is not about crating tangible transactions. They argue that the interaction of the social media strategy with the consumers and the target audience is the most important thing rather than focussing so much on the transactions being created.

The marking strategy on social media needs to create better prospects and more importantly a group of prospective followers who might purchase the products or services. If analyst of the marketing strategy being employed the individuals need to understand that social media is point of contact for various individuals and it should be seen a great opportunity for the company and marketers to engage with the customers.

The team at Clearwater are experts at Social Media Marketing and can advise you of the best course of action to take with your social media campaigns. The other way that the marketers or the company can measure the return on investments is through the word of mouth marketing or the various referrals that are developed using social media. For instances a business has the capabilities of measuring the number of likes that they have received on Facebook because of the interactive segment introduced with the e commerce section on the page or profile. The other method that can be used by the companies to measure the ROI is through the number of customers that walk in to the company after a old customer used a social media tool in the effort of marketing or spreading the word about a particular product or services, this so very true especially when it comes to marketing a new product.

All You Need To Know About Nail Extensions

Nails say a lot about you and they are the one of the first things people notice about you when they first meet you. Unfortunately, we all don't have a perfect nail bed that will look perfect with just a coat of polish and thanks to modern innovation, we can all have perfect statement nails. Enter nail extensions.

We can all agree that the world of cosmetics has come a long way especially when it comes to nail extensions. This is the reason women are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to getting their nails done. Gel polish used to be the only option when it came to splurging on a manicure but over time, extensions have become more popular and affordable. However, there are a number of nail extension options out there and women are often spoilt for choice when it comes to which option to go with.

Once you make your appointment, you are going to be bombarded with questions that will need you to make a decision between acrylic nails, gel nails and silk nail wraps. The main thing to remember is that every option has its pros and cons. Here is all you need to know before you make your decision.

Acrylic nails are the oldest forms of nail extensions and they grew popular thanks to their glossy finish which makes them perfect for nail polish application and long stay quality. Apart from that, they can be applied and removed without the help of a technician. You can just get a tutorial video and voila! Perfect nails at home. You can always find out more about different types of nail polish and their applications by viewing nail polish online at a store such as this page where they provide detailed information about different types of nail polish and their uses. The main con of acrylic nails is the fact that the application and removal process are both time consuming.

Gel nails are somewhat similar to acrylics. Gel is a special mixture that is applied on tip of an artificial nail extension and or directly on the natural nail bed to promote nail growth. It is applied in thin layers and then cured under a UV light. The process could be mistaken for a gel polish application. One of the main reasons people may prefer gel is the fact that it is odourless as compared to the somewhat pungent smell of the acrylic mixture.

Fibreglass or silk wraps are the other alternative to gel and acrylic nails. this process involves cutting pieces of silk or fibreglass to fit the nail bed and then sealing them into the position using a strong resin. The silk wrap process is not as popular as it used to be since cheaper and more convenient options such as gel and acrylics came into the market. However, silk wraps are a great option for people highly sensitive or allergic to the chemicals used in acrylics or gels.

It should be noted that with gel nails and acrylic nail extension, the process does not just end after the application process. You will need some 'maintenance' every three to four weeks. They are called infills. This process involves a technician filling out the regrowth area of your nail so that the gel or acrylic can be reapplied, buffed, coated and oiled. Once this is done, the nails will once again look as good as new sometimes for up to three months. If you require your own nail supplies in Australia to try it yourself or if you are in the business of doing other people's nails then you should visit Le Beauty who have a wide range of nail and salon supplies.

Finally, ensure that your nail technician uses the best products such as Gelish for the best finish. After all, you want a beautiful, quality finish, don’t you?

The Role of a Professional Jeweller

Building a successful career as a jeweller requires patience, creativity and hard work. To get this done, a jeweller need to work to collaborate with others, be they business partners, colleagues or clients.

Some professional jewellers are working from home or studios, and some of them are selling their products at trade and craft shows, while salaried jewellers are employed in jewellery manufacturing companies, and repair stores.

Education and Training

Before you become a professional jeweller, it is essential you equip yourself with relevant trainings such as enrolling in short training courses or pursuing a bachelors or master’s degree program in jewellery design and manufacturing from reputable institutes or organisations.

Most trade schools offer jewellery courses on gems, and metals, repair and computer-aided design, and resizing. Potential jewellers can become more attractive by completing a course at a trade or craft school or by pursuing a degree.


Some jewellers get their work done by using CAD programs or while some performs theirs by using products based on their specifications. They do this by using gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones. A good number of jewellers design and produce their own work, click here for more information about wholesale jewellers and diamond dealers. Some focus on diamond polishing and cutting, some also work with modelling and casting molds.

Salaried jewellers in repair stores spend greater part of their days in repairing or fixing damaged jewellery by either reducing or enlarging the ring sizes, resetting dislodged stones, soldering broken pieces together. To perform these tasks successfully, every jeweller must possess a high level of attention and dexterous finger.

Notable equipments

Most jewellers use traditionally manual tools like blades, diamond-tipped engravers to cut metals and precious stones. They also use laser for inscribing personal messages on their pieces, as well as improving, cutting stone quality.

jewellers in carrying out their repair work, also rely on soldering equipment, manual cutters and pliers. Some jewellers use a loupe; a magnifying tool that enables them to view their work in detail.

Salary range

Most jewellers earn an annual salary of $38,200. Those working in specialised areas like technical, scientific and professional design services earn more, approximately 10% to 25% higher depending on the industry.


Before you make your purchase or click the buy button, make sure you verify the certifications or integrity of the jeweller. Doing this will help you to have peace of mind in what you are buying. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring then you should visit multiple stores and shop online at a ring store such as Parker Diamonds before you make a decision. An engagement ring is to last so you should definitely explore your options.

You should also check if there is any contract you will have to sign, if there is a contract, make sure you read in-between the lines, so that you can understand everything in it before pending down your signature.

It is the job of a jeweller to provide you with all the details you will need before you click the ‘buy’ button. They can provide this information on their blogs or websites.